Integral Executive Coaching

Integral” means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole. So, at its deepest root, Integral Coaching® refers to a way of coaching that is whole, complete and integrated.

For Whom?

  • C-suite executives

  • Tribe Leads/Managers/Specific leading roles


  • 1-on-1 sessions for personal development, live or remote

  • Leadership Team Coaching (Team Workshops or Obeya facilitation), live or remote

  • Ad-hoc Trainings (mainly Agile topics), live or remote

Integral Coaching Program for an individual leader typically unfolds into the following sessions:

  • A 360 Leadership Maturity assessment is organized to structurally gather feedback from several client's stakeholders.

  • An Intake session: for debriefing the client's 360 assessment results and for them to decide on their current challenge/coaching topic.

  • An Offer session: for us to co-create a specific development program based on my input and the client's profile and needs.

  • Practice sessions (3 to 6 according to client's need): for us to go deeper into filling the gap between the client's current way of leading and suggested new way of leading.

  • A Completion session: for us to review global progress, highlight insights and support next steps.

Leadership Team Workshops

As part of Leadership Team (LT) coaching, we organize specific workshops with a range of specific topics according to clients' needs.

Here are a few topics we typically address during such gatherings:

  • Defining LT's individual and shared values and styles

  • Clarifying LT's operating context (Ecosystem and Roles and Responsibilities)

  • Defining company's and/or LT's purpose (vision - mission - strategy)

  • Defining LT's operating agreements (shared culture)

  • Clarifying LT's challenges and opportunities

  • Shaping LT's shared way of working (especially in an Agile environment)

Leadership Obeya

In an Agile Way of Working context, an Obeya is a space, in which people come together regularly to create 360° visual context, engage in interactions and share their validated learnings. It is the place where Product Owners, Chapter Leads and the Senior Leadership (Tribe Leads and Executives) align on:

  • delivery progress (Portfolio Wall)

  • showstoppers (Impediments Wall)

  • performance and health indicators (Performance Wall)

  • innovation and root cause analysis (Improvements Wall)

  • and Leadership's priorities (Action Wall).

As a facilitator, I help structure the conversations around

each Obeya Wall to optimize the outcome of the timed session.

Ad-hoc Trainings

Here are some of the trainings offered:

  • Agile Fundamentals: an overall understanding of the main building blocks and the Agile Way of Working

  • Agile - Working with Objectives and Key Results: bringing alignment and autonomy to the organization

  • Agile - Quarterly Business Review (QBR): how to Organize Work and Set priorities at a Tribe Level with the QBR

  • Agile - The Scrum Model: Stand-ups, Sprint Planning, Retrospectives, Reviews - how to bring agility at the Squad level.

  • Agile - Roles and responsibilities: Product Owner, Chapeter Lead, Tribe Lead, COE Lead, Agile Coach

  • Finding your own purpose: training/coaching to help individuals find their purpose in Life and at work.

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